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COVID Response - Message from Managing Director

A Message from Our Managing Director, Wayne Gooley

The last 12 months have been a challenging time both as a global community and within our local Australian shores. COVID-19 continues to be a rapidly evolving situation around the world and more so now in Sydney where our Head Office is based.

Despite the challenges faced by our community, our business continuity plans, and proactive measures have ensured our people have remained safe and well across Australia, and that we continue to provide the high level of services expected by our clients.

While our Novus community is currently working remotely (unless working in the office is essential), there has been no disruption to the services offered to our clients.

We continue to invest in (and successfully stress test) technology that supports our workforce remotely. This includes equipping our people with secure remote connection to systems via appropriate and efficient hardware, as well as the capability to undertake video conferences easily through our computer systems.

Our third-party supply and service agents are in regular dialogue with Novus’ COVID-19 Response Team to ensure their business continuity plans are in accordance with Novus’ expectations and standards.

While COVID-19 continues to spread uncertainty in our community, as we have shown in the last 12 months, we will continue to appropriately advise our clients and be a necessary support as we get through this together.

Please continue to check your local state health website for the latest health advice.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly should you wish to discuss any concerns, provide any feedback, or simply seeking an ear to listen.

We are all in this together and as a community we will get through this together.

Wishing you and your families continued good health.


Wayne Gooley
Managing Director
Novus Capital Limited