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Li-S Energy Pty Ltd

Li-S Energy Pty Ltd


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Plans to Make Lithium Sulphur Batteries a Reality

Lithium Sulphur battery technology and its advantages over Lithium-ion have been known for over a two decades, however, to this point, there have been a number of technical hurdles that have stood in the way of successful commercialisation.

Li-S researchers at Deakin University believe that incorporating Boron Nitride Nanotubes (BNNT’s) into the design of Lithium Sulphur batteries overcomes the remaining technical hurdles and will allow the many advantages of Lithium Sulphur battery chemistry to be realized on a commercial scale.

Li-S Energy is planning to use BNNT’s to overcome three major hurdles in the commercialization of Lithium Sulphur batteries.

  • Expansion:
    • The incorporation of lithium into the Sulphur structure causes it to expand dramatically, which can damage the battery's structural integrity. Dendrite growth from Lithium anodes during recharge is a significant challenge.
  • Polysulfide shuttle:
    • Over time, the storage capacity of the electrode will drift away, seriously deteriorating the battery cycling performance, gradually killing the battery.
  • Conductivity
    • Sulphur is not very conductive, requiring other materials to transport electrons between the cathode and the Lithium anode .

Li-S Energy believe that these shortcomings can be overcome by using BNNT's 

Lithium Sulphur batteries have the following advantages  over Lithium ion that can now be realised using BNNT's

  • 5x energy density
  • Faster Charging
  • Increased cycles
  • Increased safety
  • Lower cost and weight
  • Flexibility of form

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