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Nightingale Security

Nightingale Security


Pre-IPO Offer $2.00M USD 

s 708 Investors Only


Since 2014, Nightingale Security has been building and deploying autonomous drone systems that protect critical infrastructure for Fortune 500 companies. Our autonomous perimeter security system features networked base stations and mission-ready drones which can airborne in less than 30 seconds. The system is driven by our Mission Control software, which equips security teams with a real-time decision support system to help keep their facilities safe.

The Nightingale base station is an integral component of Robotic Aerial Security. Base stations are installed on rooftops and other secure locations around your facility. They are the communication hub of the drone fleet and their industrial-grade, weatherand-endurance-tested aluminum construction makes them strong—and a great place to call home.

For two years in a row, American Security Today awarded Nightingale Security the ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Award for Best Aerial Perimeter Protection System. The ‘ASTORS’ Awards is the pre-eminent U.S. Homeland Security Awards Program highlighting the most cutting-edge and forward-thinking security solutions coming onto the market today.

"Nightingale Security is at the forefront of Robotic Aerial Security, with capabilities to fly programmed, autonomous missions around a defined perimeter and help security teams lower response times, and gain invaluable insight into potential threats." - American Security Today.

Nightingale Security is seeking to conduct a Pre-IPO raise up to $2M USD in the form of interest-bearing convertible notes (8% coupon rate per annum). The notes convert at a minimum of 50% discount to the IPO price.

Interview with Jack Wu (Founder & CEO) of Nightingale Security

Capabilities and actual missions:


Rapid Response:


R.A.I.D (Robotic AI Intrusion Detection) will help identify cars and humans by showing a R.A.I.D zone which is shown in yellow. In the video below at timestamp 7:20, it can be seen what the view is over a normal carpark versus the view once the drone has detected the car. Upon detection, the drone will automatically warn the user through the highlighting of the RAID zone.



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