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Besra Gold

Besra Gold

Besra Gold Inc currently owns 92.01% (equity-adjusted 87.06%), and has the right to earn up to 98.5%, of the Bau Gold Field, located in eastern Malaysia.

  • Bau Gold Field constitutes a 15 km NE-SW gold mineralization trend comprising 34 known prospects covering and area of 1,340 sq km
  • The mineralisation style is likened to the Carlin Gold Trend in Nevada which has produced over 60 Mil oz Au and established Barrick as a major, global, gold producer.
  • Besra’s current Resource/Reserve Inventory is 2.6 -3.0 Mil oz Au and historical production exceeds ~3 Moz.
  • Known gold is mostly contained within the shallow oxide deposits; few drill holes >100 m.
  • Feasibility Study completed in 2013-14, however, difficulties involving Besra’s Vietnam assets at that time, forced a suspension of activities in 2014 and their subsequent divestment.
  • With 34 targets identified in the Bau Gold Field, and higher gold grades indicated by deeper drilling, this Field represents a low risk opportunity to increase resources in the medium term (5-10 Moz objective).
  • Enhanced Resource / Reserve inventories will enable optimisation of financial and development options, including potential JV involvement.

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