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Cody Live

Cody Live

Issuer Cody Live Limited (ACN 168 364 403),
Transaction Capital Raise of up to $1.5m @ 10c per share
Eligability For Sophisticated (S708) investors only
Broker Novus Capital Ltd (Offer not Underwritten)

Cody Live Limited is commercialising the world’s first digital on-site real estate display board. The display boards utilise a wireless connected digital video screen that allows for the delivery of real-time content and advertising in a highly targeted and efficient manner.

While the cost to vendors is comparable to a static backlit sign board, the Cody board offers a great deal more information, about the property the Agent as well as real time information, countdowns etc. The platform achieves this through placing short 5 second relevant ads for sponsors wanting to target the desirable real estate buyer’s demographic. Sponsors include banks, insurance accompanies, storage and utility companies.

Cody Live has been in start-up phase for three years, has proven the technology and commercial market and business model with 150 boards in circulation and is now ready to scale seriously. The company is run by Pierce Cody a major figure in Australia, New Zealand & Hong Kong outdoor advertising, and a veteran of three successful start ups.

Key investment highlights include:

  • Cody has proven the tech and business model and is now ready to scale seriously in existing markets and new ones from the 150-board base line.
  • Cody has created a whole new category for outdoor advertising with a serious “moat” in the form of granted patents and first mover technology and market lead advantage.
  • High gross and net margins, protected by the patent “moat”, at least till 2025 (Patent expiry). High barriers to entry for would be competitors.
  • Cody offering delivers far more value added than static board for very little price difference (due to advertising revenue) (also room to raise prices)
  • Significant opportunities beyond Real Estate
  • Capital light model with no Capex for the boards, enables high growth from a low base without running into cash constraints.Boards are cash positive from day one, as they are leased with a $1 buyout after 60 months.
  • Considerable residual value (the enclosure, camera etc) will have at least 4-5 years remaining life after end of lease
  • Multiple revenue streams and industry sectors beyond real estate and advertising
  • Can work as well in a rising, static or even down real estate market as sellers look for the edge.
  • Planned IPO 2019 plus likely acquisition target from other outdoor advertisers & online real estate business such as REA, Domain and JC Decaux, as industry consolidates can provide competitive tension
  • Management lead by Pierce Cody, a highly respected figure in the outdoor advertising industry.
  • Valuation and price (10c) very competitive.
  • International expansion and licencing opportunities

For further information, please contact Gavan Farley of Novus Capital Limited on 02 9375 0114 or via email gavan.farley@novuscapital.com.au